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Why women were called ‘’Witches’’? — July 18, 2019

Why women were called ‘’Witches’’?

A misogynist slur in Washington and Westminster, a force for something good in Hollywood. For centuries, witches have personified fear of an assertive women. But why does the stereotype stick it out?

(Is the witch a women of grander knowledge whose wisdom is offended?)

During the 2016, US Presidential Election, American social media was flooded with images of Hillary Clinton wearing a black hat and riding a broom, or else chortling with green skin. Her opponents named her ‘The Wicked Witch of The Left’, claiming that they had sources stating that she get a whiff of ‘Sulphur’ and took particular joy in descriptions of her being melted. (Is that the sign enough witchy to tell this is it?). Let’s go deep into the matter.

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In the late 19th century, the suffragist Matilda Joslyn Gage proclaimed something ground-breaking. “The oppression of witches, she said, had nothing to do with fighting evil or resisting the devil. It was simply extended social misogyny, the goal of which it was to repress the intellect of the women across. A witch, she said, wasn’t wicked. She didn’t fly on a broomstick naked in the dark, or consort with demons. She was, instead likely to be a women of ‘Superior Knowledge’.” Further she mentioned, “As a thought research for witches, we should read instead women. Their histories go hand in hand.” If we really feel that witches are just clichés and instead read about great women, then, it’s not a bad idea yet we can’t deny the fact of the witches in actual. When we say witch, we almost exclusively mean women. Sure men have also been accused of witchcraft but they are by far in minority. Further, the words used to describe men with magical powers- necromancer, magus, sorcerer, wizard don’t carry the same stigma.  There are various interpretations attached to this whole dogma. Some of them are:-


  • A better analogous to witch is the word ‘Whore’. Both are time-honored tools for policing women, meant to shame them into socially prescribed behavior. A whore contravenes women of female sexuality; witches are often called unnatural because of their ability to threaten men with their spells, a witch can transform you into a pig, or defeat you in a battle. She can curse you, overlook you, junk you, or spot-on you. Yet, despite all the attempts to stamp out witches, they are as strong as ever.
  • The stereotypical image of the witch- green skin, pointed hat, warts, broomstick had become entrenched, but beneath that surface lies a dazzling variety; a rich assortment of women who have inspired, startled, possessed us over the centuries. The image took firm root in Christian Era, when witches were women who consorted with devil but old and ugly witches predated Jesus. Roman literatures portrayed creatures with false teeth and grey hair, who dug in the ground by moonbeam, tore animals with their teeth and used the organs of the boys whom they starved to death for their hexes.
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  • The most famous of this type must be Shakespeare’s weird sisters from ‘Macbeth’. They are revolting with midnight hugs, chapped beards. An ugliness, of course is the key. The haggish outside of these witches are meant to match their evils inside.
  • Many of the women accused of witchcraft were so called ‘wise-women, older figures, often poor widows, who scratched their living in the community with their experiences as midwives, and herbalists. Their solitary, vulnerable status and unusual knowledge made them perfect targets for people’s rage when crops failed or babies died.
  • Foreign women were also vulnerable to accusations of witchcraft, and the dogma attached to it goes back to Greek Mythology. Fears of witchcraft grounded in racism persist even today.


The image of the good witch ascended in popular culture at a time when women made efforts towards the equality. Of course, no discussion of good witches can be complete without the fictitious and unmatched Hermoine Granger. Throughout J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, hermione’s brainpower, kindness, sense of justice and determination make her a role model for young girls and boys everywhere.

Despite this progress, there is also sobering news. In the last decade, UN have reported a rise in women killed for witchcraft across the globe. In India, the problem is particularly well-documented, with older women being targeted as scapegoats and stooges. In Saudi Arabia, women have been put away of witchcraft in courts.

If going deeper into this stanza, the fact I stated is nothing sort of wrong, yet, through Islamic point of view, if we see, considering a sorcerer, or a fortune-teller, or magician for any work is prohibited and considered inappropriate overall, doesn’t matter if you do it for good. Islamic law states that Muslims should solely rely on God alone for help or any troubles or hardships instead of considering any sorcerer, or any kind of Talismans, which have charms and amulets bearing precious stones believed to have magical powers or other means of protection.

According to the Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, that the evil eye born by jealousy or envy is real and capable of causing harm and misfortune. For that also people seek help from these witches, Hakims and sorcerers which is not acceptable in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told to solely rely on God and some particular ‘Surahs’ and ‘Ayaats’ only from the Quran for the help. But there are people who seek their help apart from Allah itself which many times they confirmed of its aids. All in all, if it’s prohibited in Islam we shouldn’t consider it irrespective of the benefits and losses.

On the other hand, everyone has the freedom to think whatever they can. If you really feel a witch is just a knowledgeable powerful women then it’s nothing sort of not okay.



Salvation: What is it? — July 16, 2019

Salvation: What is it?

Some days before my customarily blissful morning (which happens after a blissful night sleep) exploded when my mother broke down a news to me. Dead body of 11 members found in a house hanging from a ceiling. Queries in plentiful popped out of my mind. It all ensued due to ‘Salvation’. Constabularies got hand written notes vis-à-vis ritual practices since they wanted to succeed ‘Salvation’.

First of all the question stands out what is this word ‘Salvation’? And ought we to really follow it? What it means? May be those family members took it wide of the mark.

Now let’s shed light on the point. According to Hindu scriptures, Salvation which is known as ‘self-realization’ or ‘MOKSHA’ is for all. Nonentity can’t be repudiated from it. Even one doesn’t rely on in God, the atheist and agnostic too can accomplish salvation. One need not be of any specific religion to attain it.  It is based on the notion of re-embodiment (a stormily debated topic in scriptural circles).

In Hinduism, the theologies related to their antiquities (which lacks certain amount of value in itself) are strange in some ways. Actually Hindu scriptures just deteriorates the whole dogma of salvation, because, it’s not that god will come physically to save the person in any misfortune, or, if one put one self in a catastrophic situation hoping that god will come to save, then, its mere a futile thought.

Long before we have read in number of countless books, that, God helps those who help themselves, but not that by throwing oneself into some drastic predicament for religious practices hoping that god will come to save. That’s exactly was going on in the minds of those 11 peoples who killed themselves.

If we go through other religions for better understanding of the word ‘salvation’, I think will help people clear the strange notions associated with it.

In Islam ‘salvation’ can be realized too, but, on the basis of good works alone. These works embrace doing honorable deeds plus keeping five requirements in mind. That is:-

  • Salat
  • Sawm
  • Hajj
  • Zakat
  • Shadah or Tauheed (oneness of God)


On the Day of Judgment, Allah will have a set of scales to weigh one’s good and bad works.

Salvation is achieved by having more good deeds tan bad, thus hoping to earn Allah’s favor. Muslim’s salvation is never fail-safe. The individual Muslim must produce virtuous works besides hope that at judgment day will grant favor. Nonetheless, Allah is under no coercion to save anybody, and, not such promises and assurances of salvation is set up in the Quran. Allah saves whom He will and punishes whom He will is what seems to be purely a capricious manner. It is purely based on the person’s deed. In Islam, salvation is achieved by praying to Allah and following the Sunnah of Muhammad (p.b.u.h). It’s as simple as that.

There’s nothing engraved of sort, that, if a person is hanging or damaging himself in any way then God will come to save, or if the person practice any of Islamic rituals he can meet directly to God. So, there’s no chance of death like this, at least.



On the other hand, salvation in Christianity is achieved on the basis of devotion alone in the expiation of Jesus’s death on the cross, and not just by doing righteous work. Good works do have a place in the life of Christians, but, only as substantiation of a pre-existing faith. It has no salvific value apart from faith.


According to Christianity, Christian’s salvation is undisputable and poised. God’s promises are never broken and one can rely on its scriptures when it proclaims that faith in Jesus saves, and one can rest confidently in his assurance. So, in short, somewhere in Christianity also like that of Hinduism, there is this belief, that, one can meet god by practicing salvation, or, one can rely on god for saving the person when in difficulty.


On the other hand, in Hinduism there is an immortal soul within the body called ‘Atman’ of every person. The immortal soul is a mirror image of god.  On the other hand Christianity doesn’t believe in immortal soul. But according to Hindus, god has articulated itself in many forms in many ways. That is the reason why Hindus have unequivocally no problem in worshipping thousands of gods, since they believe all gods are the manifestations of one and only god Brahman.

Hindu salvation is the process by which a person is merging in the god. The individual soul within the body is known as ‘Atman’. When the ‘Atman’ breaks loose of the Karmic debt then it becomes one with ‘Parmathman’. That process by which ‘Atman’ becomes one with ‘Parmathman’ is known as ‘Salvation’.


Nonetheless, going through all these facts, I really don’t get numb details of Hindu scriptures which tells unbelievable things, because, if it’s believable than those 11 members would have attained salvation and not died. Contemplating on all the facts, Islam is the solitary religion came out justly with the defined meaning of Salvation with simple ways because Allah knew that He would not like to fool people like this in the name of performing some rituals to meet Him.

The stuff is very idiosyncratic and mere selected pages can’t vindicate the fact. It’s my responsibility to write and make people cognizant about the spot-on meaning of ‘Salvation’ instead of thoughtlessly following some rituals which cost their lives. God never ask for any person’s life just for the sake of meeting him. Furthermore, this is not a levelheaded way to meet the God.

Hype over an ideal face — November 25, 2018

Hype over an ideal face

There’s always some dispute over how to look and how not to. I always feel agitated by this whole dogma of girls which I see, occasionally, around me loaded with unnecessary minute detailing of the facial features of every other person. Listening these made me like that too. Although, I am not in favor of this much too, yet, I end up observing what people are wearing, their personality and way of carrying themselves wherever I go. I like to observe people’s faces too. You can say I am interested in physiognomy (study of human’s personality, their outer experience, especially their face). But it’s the other way round.

Every person has some sort of strange likes and dislikes*.

If we talk about an average Indian face it should be like big protruding (people say I have frog’s eyes, LOL, jokes apart), not droopy, outspoken, round almond shaped eyes. Long lashes (naturally, of course), open wide watching into other’s (pun intended).

Image result for big eyes gifs

Big eyes are a boon (it looks flattering when laden with make-up or highlighted) and a boom too (almost you’ll hear it from every now and then. Hey! You’ve got so big eyes. Well yes, I know). Going down, if we talk about nose, it is what enhances or destroys any person’s features. It’s very important. A well-shaped nose, straight, pointed, thin is what asked for (who they haven’t, opt for the RHINOPLASTY). Then come to lips, an ideal perfect lips should be fuller to its brim, pouted, with not too expanded end and not too protruding. People think a long neck is the beautiful and essential part. A well-shaped, thin, long, like a vessel just reflects ‘wow factor’. But, the reality is some have these or some may not. We should never judge, comment or throw lucid remarks on anyone. It would, may be, deteriorate their self-respect. There are lot of body shaming, racism in all over the world. Instead of focusing on that matter, we should focus on some more other serious issues which needs to be focused.

Features and faces are God given. We should be thankful for what we have instead of making no bones about it. Observing and writing is my work because a writer is what meant for. So, it’s kinda little physiognomy I did on people’s faces just to tell people out there not to judge them by their appearance.

*watch out people! Share your strange habits you like or dislike.


Disclaimer: This short article is meant for awareness of people that how and what is going on in this world and in INDIA. Nothing more than that.



Ego!!!!@@# — November 3, 2018


I don’t know what kind of mentality people develop when they are egoistic. It’s quiet  undigested on my part because I never aspired to be one. It’s not a thing to be aspired for. There are peoples I have come across in my life who are full of ego. They just don’t want to put themselves down at any cost. They have this sick mentality of not saying SORRY. The word ”sorry” holds lot of importance but the people have loosen it’s grip over the years. They just don’t know what and when to say it.

The egoistic person doesn’t even know that the SORRY word even exist. They tarry all those works what is said to them. These all facts I am telling are true as I am my self the seeress of these facts. Egoistic people mostly combine their selfish behavior with PROCRASTINATION. They would procrastinate every now and then. They would not even pay heed to that negative aspect. I would rather like to be aloof from them. It’s a complete no-no to spend your day with those kind of peoples.

Image result for ego gifs

There were times when I used to apologize on every matter, but now after recognizing the fact that it’s not at all improving their so-called egoism, then I thought better avoid that.

Image result for ego gifs

Girls are more into this, no doubt! although I am a girl too but I am not biased.

I have decided to not just care at all towards them, though, it’s a little difficult but I am trying my bit. The biggest turn-off of my life is ”EGOISTIC PEOPLE” and I would better love to cut myself from them forever and ever and ever. Then only, my friend, life will be happier and you would be able to live peacefully.

There were times when I felt those blinding shadows of negativity of these mindsets disturbing me each day. I felt my life has become rut. but, sooner than later, I changed my track and mounted on the highest crag of the happiness. The azure above the head always reminds me that there’s bad people but there’s good people too. It’s very important for us to surround ourselves with good vibes. This thing will only help in exceeding peace in greatest extent.  It will made us believe the look  which is made of all ‘SWEET ACCORD’. Then only the life shines brightly like an OPAL.  Good people are a kind of benediction in itself. We should cherish that.

These people surely deserve some ”egotistical congratulatory GIFs”. haha!!

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What’s your biggest turn-off guys. Must express through your comments.

Examination (A CURSE)? — October 24, 2018

Examination (A CURSE)?

Examinations are always so fussy. I don’t know why and who created this system. I just finished my first ”Sessional exams” which lasted for the whole month. Its too long, isn’t it? I mean the whole exam lasted for a month, and, at the end, I was so dog-tired that I slept for two- three days. I never liked exams at first hand. Its a very disgusting system although I know that it’s very important. It helps evaluating our capabilities, what we studied and understood. I understand, but still I abhor it completely. I never liked the concept of sitting in an examination hall for 3 hours. It’s so exhausting. sitting continuously and writing non-stop what you have studied and stored in your brain. First of all, my memory power is not so sharp so I tend to forget things on a daily basis, LET ALONE THE CHAPTERS OF THE COURSE BOOK. According to me, I think, its good to understand the concepts clearly, and, read as much as much as you can before the exams. Its a clever tip(wink). Apart from that, If you cram the lessons then it would deceive at the very important time. So better understand the concepts.

It’s natural we feel so when we finished our preparation for the exams, as if we know nothing and all forgot. This feeling KILLS, literally. I only get calm when finally I sit on my bench and start writing, writing, and writing. exams GIF


Its always a very hurtful work because we have to write continuously, not a second’s rest. (later, my fingers CRUNCH, and TWITCH, and CRACK and what-not).

All in all when ever my exams get over I feel on top of the world although next one is already in line to come up soon, yet, i have lil’ relief, as of now. I would watch movies unstoppable, and do whatever I want to do MAN. GOSH! I am pretending as if I have conquered the Mount Everest. haha! IT IS ACTUALLY LIKE THAT.

P.S: Must share your views and experiences regarding exams. Mine are not in good taste.

So much ”FUSS” — September 25, 2018

So much ”FUSS”

Why there’s so much fuss about right and wrong? Does a person has no right to speak about others fault? I know there are some conditions regarding that which should be kept in mind while speaking. I always feel I should not speak much because it brings lot of problems too along with it. There are times I feel I should zip my mouth completely and there are times I feel like speaking up all the time. I am confused which is correct and what to choose.

Some days before in my college ‘whatsapp group’ I messaged something which I think shouldn’t. I got a photocopy of notes from one of my classmates. The same photocopied notes were circulated in all over the class, so, I picked one too. When at home I looked in to study I was shocked to find out there were innumerable mistakes (very basic and silly mistakes) which made my eyes wide open and shocked. I was confused yet nonplussed about this whole situation. I was not even able to read it let alone memorize, so I decided to correct it first. I took a pen and started correcting all the mistakes. It took me whole 15 minutes to complete. Later, when I went through the pages it was all so chaotic. I felt it should be told to the people in group.

Even I wasn’t aware who wrote this whole notes. I clicked a pic and put it in the watsapp group and marked below that ‘WORK OF B.ED STUDENT, SO MANY MISTAKES’’.

This very thing clicked the mind of the students and just comments started pouring in. All pointed only at me for no solid reason. I still can’t conceptualize the fact that I was wrong. I mean, I am going to be a professional teacher, all educated and I learnt from this profession that a teacher’s job is to correct others. Mostly teachers do that in front of the whole class. I also did that. I corrected her in front of the students. May be, if I would have known her personally, then, I would have told her privately. It’s another side of the coin. All behaved so opinionated that I was filled with wrath. There were so silly mistakes that it showed she was not aware of the etiquettes of the basic ‘ENGLISH LANGUAGE’ which is mandatory if she is doing such a professional course such as ‘B.ED’. ‘’IT’S COMPLETELY OK TO NOT BE SO PERFECT IN THIS LANGUAGE’’ yet she paid no heed and stupidly and without correcting her all pointed out on me. I only corrected her for herself but not for the fact of insulting her. I even wasn’t aware that she has studied from ‘’Hindi Medium’’. I respect all languages and all class of people but the idea of correcting someone and accepting one’s fault far yet to understand among these students. Two days the debate went on and finally I decided to write an apologia for highlighting her mistakes publically (although, all students were aware of the fact that there were way too much mistakes to read and learn. Yet their thought was that we all can correct in our privacy and study instead of pointing at her publicly).

‘’BUT I FELT OTHERWISE’’.  My idea was to make the girl aware of her faults so that she may take care in future. It’s her loss and others too whose English is not as much perfect. Maybe, many would have read it as it is wrong. ‘WHO KNOWS’! (And I was angry because it wasted my precious time in correcting the notes).

Although INDIA is a democratic country, I don’t feel so. People emerge from nowhere and without any reason to fight. ‘’AND I FEEL LIKE BECOME BLIND NEXT TIME WHENEVER I SEE ANY FAULT’’.fairly odd parents whatever GIF

I want to hear from you audience what you think regarding this ‘’CORRECTING SCENE’’ which happened to me. Lovely comments awaited.

Anne Frank — September 16, 2018

Anne Frank

is (2)

I read her, felt her

in those inner cores of my heart.

she moved me, realized me

those unhappy moments

who made her life wretched.

she was soppy, whose life broken

into smithereens,

she longed to be freed

but was caught because of her creed.

I got to know her,

but very late

with no feeling so great.

but I think,

that’s the fate.

she became illuminous when it

wasn’t necessary,

she was anonymous


she shouldn’t.

what an irony!

but alas!

it’s the destiny.

her imprints are posted

on my heart,

clinging me firmly

she wont go, I know.

she is alive,

and here to dive

in this world

in people’s heart

through her words

through her love

through her diary.